Utilitaire #3 – Bike shop/s

Gorgeous winter weather yesterday and a ride to a bike store on my list. I had been drooling over Georgia in Dublin’s Leggits for a while and knew that Zweitrad in Mitte had them in stock. Biked down Schönhauser and into Choriner Straße, which is supposed to be a bicycle street with 30km speed limit. First thing I see on the first few meters in is a driver speeding past and honking at a couple on bikes.

Zweitrad carries a lot of Dutch bikes and accessories. Their bike fashion store Prêt-à-Vélo is just across the street. Unfortunately they didn’t have any Leggits left in my size, instead I treated myself to a Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap. Since I tend to wear a lot of dark colors, the rose red colored wrap will keep me dry and visible. The material is light and soft, doesn’t feel like the usual rain gear. Love it!



Berlin is filled with small bike shops, next on my list was Radkraft, just a few blocks from there. Some day, hopefully soon, I will have them build me a custom bike. Here is some bike crush eye candy parked in front of their store. Can’t wait to plan my own!


More info and rules of the Winter Cycling Challenge: The Utilitaire 12.


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