Utilitaire #4 & #5 – Library (after dark) & Breakfast

It’s finally getting warmer! We still had snow this week and a morning with black ice – the roads were fine, but the sidewalks were dangerous! – but now there’s only gravel and puddles of dirt left.

Tuesday night I rode to the library, it was snowing and dark, and I am really happy about the lights on my bike. Front and rear end light stay on for a few minutes when not moving. Here’s a picture of the Panther parked at the library. I couldn’t get a library card because the computers of all branches all over Berlin were down but they were nice enough to let me borrow a book anyways. Afterwards I treated myself to my favorite dish at the best Vietnamese restaurant in town, Thuy Nga.


Thuy Nga

Busy week at work with everyone around sneezing and coughing. My body decided to wait for the weekend to get sick. Saturday was spent at home, but I had read about a coffee place in my neighborhood serving pancakes, and I just had to try them today. A really cute place with comfy chairs, a perfect Flat White and the most deliciously fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Thank you, Café CK!

Cafe CK

I won’t be able to afford the pancakes on a daily base, but I’ll definitely return for some early morning coffee. It is a perfect distance for a quick morning ride before work, even if I have to work an early shift. Plus, they carry KeepCups. I didn’t grab one this morning, but will soon. This video made me fall in love with the company. A coffee shop with indoor bicycle parking!


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