Bike parking box by velo easy

When I moved back to Berlin I brought my trusty little „Else“ I bought for less than 50€. I also call her my „U-Bahn-Bicycle“ because I am not too worried leaving her at a station or other places for longer. Of course with at least one lock, preferably more. A couple of years ago I treated myself to my most precious bike ever. I hardly leave her out of sight. She gets carried into my apartment after each ride. But she never gets to ride to a movie theater, museum, concert hall, any kind of event that would leave her locked up outside in the dark for longer periods of time, or even at daylight.

Bike parking in Berlin is in great need of improvement & bike theft is high

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I was really excited to finally see and test a velo easy bicycle parking box at Heldenmarkt after following their updates on website, Facebook, and more for a while. velo easy, founded by Claudine Oldengott, has developed secure bike storing boxes which are based on a smart app-based system. Registered app users conveniently locate & reserve a free box for their bicycle with a click on their phone. velo easy offers a flexible pricing system for both rare & frequent bike box parking clients. Costs per day are capped at 3€.

Secure bike parking in space-saving boxes

With the bicycles being parked vertically, a box only takes up 0,7sqm – less than 8sq ft – of room. Their pie-shaped cut creates a circle of ten boxes with a diameter of 3m (about 10ft). Even heavier bikes can be lifted easily into parking position with a well thought-out mechanical system the bicycle hooks in.

There’s enough space to leave panniers & other luggage. Claudine and her partners are also planning to include a set of tools for quick repairs, charger for e-bikes, lots of room for ideas & possibilities.

Berlin’s first velo easy box will be placed near S-Bahnhof Lichtenberg soon.
Follow velo easy on their various channels or sign up for their newsletter to get updates.

Would love to see these bike parking boxes in many places across the city. Not having to worry about my bike while enjoying a movie, dinner with friends, going for a swim, or enjoying art, when getting out of town on a train or bus = priceless.





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