Best French Fries in Berlin

fries beer velothon medal
This picture was taken after my Velothon ride in 2012

Today is French Fries Day.
So I’ve been thinking about my favorite fries places in Berlin since my first sip of coffee this morning.

Is there anything better than beer & fries after a relaxing evening bike ride?

Well, maybe ice cream. And yes, you can have it all.

My fondest fries memories start in my early childhood. We used to spend our weekends on a sailboat that was parked in a marina near my hometown. From the marina we had to take a little ferry across a river back to the mainland. And there was a tiny place that sold deliciously crispy french fries in cone shaped paper bags.

In my late teens I had a fries awakening in Amsterdam. Frietjes with pindakaas saus & samurai saus. Dutch fries are usually cut wider, are cripy on the outside & fluffy inside. They feel like biting into heavenly mashed potatoes. Add peanut sauce & samurai saus which is a spicy mix of mayonaise & sambal olek.

Sweet potatoes have only risen in popularity in Europe over the last few years. It was an exciting first time for me on a trip to the U.S., to try fries made from those beautiful root vegetables.. Over the years I’ve experienced a few very sad piles of limp & floppy sweet potato fries. It is an art to make them, the best I’ve had were covered in a mix of oil & peanut butter before baked or fried.

In Berlin my best fries experiences so far were made at:

The Bird – try their chili cheese fries! You will most likely find me sitting at their bar tonight, with a plate in front me. The Bird’s Angry Hour Special includes buy one beer, get one free.
The Bird, Am Falkplatz 5, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg – opens at 6pm

Berlin Burger International – tiny place, great fries, especially their veggie cheese fries. Can also be ordered with sweet potato wedges.
Pannierstaße 5, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln – opens at 12noon

And – my latest discovery thanks to a dear colleague at Berlin on Bike:
Burger Treff and its crispy sweet potato fries just around the corner from our office.
Danziger Straße 2, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg – opens at 12noon


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